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Song #20 – Satellite

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Hey! very quick word cause i was supposed to join some friends an hour ago, but here’s this week song, Satellite… i dont know yet if i like it or not, i think its ok but in my head it sounded better, i think its cause my voice is still not 100% and i recorded in a rush so its not tight at all… have a listen and let me hear what you think! Thanks!

What I like about it:
I’m sure i could go somewhere with the hook of sa-aaatellite … skaaa -y alight if i put a bit more time… I like the sound of the keyboard bells with the guitars..

What I’m not so sure:
As i said, the voice is not the best and i think that would make a big difference in the high parts of the chorus.. for the solo it doesnt really fit with the rest of the mood..

Lyrics & Chords

C G#
As we're approaching the taxi
That's gonna drive you far away from me
I can't stop coughing like crazy
Got something down my throat that is stuck way deep 

Time to silently pronounce our plight
To freeze everything to what they are tonight
Knowing too well they might never be
I leave, gagging on this thought that stuck way deep

C G# A# D#
I watch the satellite
Set the sky alight
Did you see the same one pass you by?

I watch the satellite
Set the sky alight
Maybe this'll make me feel alright

Back to my room, stare in disbelief
How can the messiest place look this empty?
I wanna sleep but it's hard to breathe
Something twisted inside that's stuck way deep

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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Nice song! I love it! I really like the beginning of the song with the little notes of keyboard… they sound like stars popping in the sky! Your voice is great on that song, even with this pain in your throat. The chorus sounds good, I would like to see how better it can be if you had more time. I love those little songs!

  2. sam Said,

    I love this song. Definitely one of my favorite.

  3. Jannie Said,

    J’adore la mélodie, on a l’impression d’être transporté dans un rêve. C’est une très belle chanson.

  4. JP Said,

    Very nice text on a good music line.
    Il love very much the Break guitar, but I feel uncomfortable with some thing I don’t understand really. Maybe the discrete stereo piano sound at the background, should continue to be there. It’s like there’s a to big break between the two parts of the song

    Last measure of the break appear to finish between to times…
    Any way, very pleasant to listening.

  5. S.L. Said,

    très beau!

  6. Diana Said,

    loved it
    i liek the tune and the whole composition was really nice!

  7. Dvmanh Said,

    I really like this piece ovlearl, but there are a couple spots when instruments come in and they are just too distracting. The maracas or shakers that you’ve got at the beginning just seem the slightest bit too loud once the marimba? comes in. I love your break before you bring more percussion in. Your transition to the jazzy, elevator-y section is interesting I like how it leads back into your main idea (or at least what I feel like your main idea is). But, I feel like we could spend longer on that section before the section with the hums. I wish there was just a little more continuity. Maybe use that vocal track in the beginning somewhere, too, so the ending isn’t something entirely different than what we’ve been hearing?All in all, this is great. I really like what you’ve got going!

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