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Song #21 – Go On With Your Life

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Alright, well i used the long weekend to go a bit more in depth with this week’s song… Overall, i’m pretty happy with the result, its really techno so be warned, and there’s a long ass intro, but it’s gonna be useful when warming up the people during a show! In other news, i now have a blocked ear from skydiving, in addition to my intermittent sore throat, a singer’s perfect situation! yeah i guess i just felt like complaining.. ok have a listen and as usual your comments are more than welcome!

P.S. For the geekiests (of course including me), the main lead keyboard riff is actually not a keyboard but me playing on my iphone in a synth application called Bebot!

What I like about it:

For me, its impossible not to want to dance, when i listen to it.. I tried to get more of a lift at the end of the verses to better attack the chorus and i think it worked well

What I’m not so sure:

It’s kinda hard to tell from what is cheesy cool and cheesy really cheesy, so not sure how this song qualifies… Some longer keyboard parts i could add some changes to make it less repetitive

Lyrics & Chords

Go On With Your Life
Verse & Chorus: C Bb G D#
Bridge: F G G# Bb

Easy, you gotta go easy on me
Yeah this body's not what it used to be
I tried, tried every ways to believe
But I, lost the will to fight
Lost the will to fight

Go on,
Please don't wait till i
Quit changing my mind a thousand more times
Go on, yeah go on
Don't wait, go on with your life

Go on,
Please don't wait till i
Can see what i got and feel satisfied
Go on, yeah go on
Please leave and go on with your life

Sleeping, i'm sleeping it off night and day
I get more tired     every time i wake
I tried, to keep temptations at bay
But I, lost the will to fight
Lost the will to fight


In the same room, with no windows or light
I find comfort in the same routine
In these same old dreaded rhymes

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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Good song! We definitely can’t stop dancing on that song. It’s a good idea to let the intro last for a long time, I can easily imagine the crowd dancing like crazy on it. I like the build up in the bridge, but I’m not sure about the way it arrives in the song… it seems like a new song starting suddenly. But the end of the bridge fits totally well with the chorus. Good job with your iPhone too!

  2. sam Said,

    I really like the chorus part and the song in general really makes you want to dance. I find it a bit long in the beginning and in the end, but maybe that would not have been a problem if I was on a dance floor. And the end maybe it could stop straight instead of dropping the volume.

  3. JP Said,

    Very good dancing song.
    The chorus words and rhythm music are perfect match.
    I found we can hear the best mixing for back vocal in the GO ON right after the end of the bridge.
    For the end, as Sam said, it could stop straight with “go on with your life” with only you’re voice (no music)

  4. Bob Said,

    I liked that you used bebot, saw your link on another page for bebot. Like your song too.

  5. Writing a Song Said,

    Its really a nice song and very inspiring. It can also inspire people who in deep and who losses their hope for life.

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