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Song #22 – Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

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I don’t think this week’s song is gonna make history, but it was an experiment how far Pop i can go, now the answer is “definitely too far!” It was fun however to play with the voice effects that all the popstars use, well its not that terrible, but its just i really wasn’t aiming for this style, i think i just got too excited with my keyboard!

Other than this, i found a guy who’s gonna help me mixing my songs, we played around with last week’s song and fixed a few things but it seems that my mic was not doing a good job with the vocals, so i will re-record them with a better one and post a remix soon.. But already, for this song i used the new mic and you can hear a good difference…. Alright, have a listen and see you next week!

What I like about it:
I like the lyrics, and the hook of the chorus lyric-wise…

What I’m not so sure:
Not the style i was aiming for while creating it

Lyrics & Chords

Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

Bbm F# G# F# F
I can try to put the proper words
On every feelings that i've had
Till you know of all those times I bled, but
Some things are better left unsaid

I can drop the veil, i can reveal
Every single inch of myself
Fill you in on the deepest of secrets, but
Some things are better left unsaid

So you wonder, what i have to hide
Want to get inside my head
Well, I wonder, why you don't think twice
Cause you might regret

Bbm F# G# Bbm F# C#-G#
Some things are better left unsaid, left unsaid, left unsaid
Some things are better left unsaid

Maybe you're a complete obsession
Maybe you're a mere distraction
I'd state it clear in black alphabet, but
Some things are better left unsaid


F F# F G#
Use your intuition,
Baby follow your instincts
You'll see that it's more fun
Than trying so hard to understand

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  1. sam Said,

    Cher would be proud of you. ! Seriously, the beat is good, I like the chorus too. I felt like something was missing in the verses. There’s the beat and the effect in the back, but it seems like the melody is not present enough. And then the prechorus comes and it becomes better.

  2. Marie-J. Said,

    Ok, maybe I’m too groupie, but I like that song! I like the verses with only the bass and the keyboard’s beats, I think it’s just enough filled… we’re kind of waiting for something in the verses and you give it with the pre-chorus and then we can dance in the chorus! Love it! And your voice sounds soooo good, don’t know if it just the mic but definitely one of your best voice! No more pain in your throat?

  3. JP Said,

    At large, I like the song.
    Because you’re voice is clear and well recorded, more power could have been used for the back vocals. In the chorus, that could add a little more punch.
    In the prechorus, I would have add, back vocals again, like that:.

    So you wonder, what i have to hide (with back vocal)
    Want to get inside my head (without back vocal)
    Well, I wonder, why you don’t think twice (with back vocal)
    Cause you might regret (without back vocal)

  4. John Radcliff Said,

    Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by. But man you are killing it! It’s great to see that you’re putting up a song a week again. Good songs too!


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