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Song #23 – Just For Kicks

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Here’s a song I wrote, half hungover, its just meant to relax and slowly wake up on a sunday morning when you want to just free your mind and do some random stuff like when you were a kid and just had fun without thinking too much!

Unfortunately next week there wont be any update, i am meeting a huge potential customer for the software i am developing, let’s say if i get the contract it’s pretty much life changing, so i’ll put the songs on hold for one week, but i’ll be back right after! In the meantime, have a listen and leave your comments!

What I like about it:
I love the lyrics, they represent exactly how i was feeling when i wrote it.. i like the break down of the bridge and the build up afterwards

What I’m not so sure:
The song needs more power towards the end, especially after that bridge.. My voice could have been better, and also i forgot to put blankets around me when i sang, with the new mic, it makes a pretty big difference in the voice quality… The melody is really short and repetitive, not 100% sure i like it, but it was a test, after i went to see Snow Patrol and saw that they use this quite a lot…

Lyrics & Chords

Just For Kicks

Chords: D G (the whole f-in song!)

Today, i'm feeling like switching my brains off
Tightrope walking on the neighbor's flower box
Bike to the river, waste hours throwing rocks
And later on, baby we'll get a huge slush
We'll mix every flavour the guy has in stock

Just for, for the hell of it
Don't try, try to reason it
No point, no logic
It's just for,
Just for kicks

We'll get ourselves some toy plastic boxing gloves
Skirmish and giggle in the back of the bus
Then when it reaches the Old Port, we'll get off
Run screaming through the fountains with our clothes on
To dry hanging from a branch head downside up


What do you have to do today?
How about you throw it all away?

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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Wow… did you watch a new episode of The Flight of the Conchords this week-end?!? Can’t say that I’m really in love with that song, but it’s funny! I like to chorus though.

  2. Chao Said,

    Nice song!
    I was listening to this while working, at the first verse I thought I was listening to Jon Lajoie 😀
    As usual I think your chorus is the best.

  3. Louis Said,

    gotta love ol’ jon! thnx for the comments!

  4. sam Said,

    I like the chorus, but I think the song is a little too repetitive.

  5. JP Said,

    I like that song.
    Not a big one, but an easy one to listen. The chorus line is very good and emphasizes the tone switching in your voice. It’s the kind of song that I would listen when I walk along a river with a nice sunrise in a cold morning…

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