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Song #24 – A Touch That Electrifies

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Hello people!!

Another weekend spent as a hermit writing this song! But, one day this will be worth it! And it’s not so bad since i’m going to Spain in only 3 weeks… Well here’s this week song, i’m quite happy with the result, i was trying to stay a bit longer in head voice since normally i only do one note or to and go back down to my normal voice… Again your comments are appreciated!

What I like about it:
I like the instrumentation, a lot of beeps and keyboard but i find that they have their place… (maybe too much reverb however) i also like the breakdown with the bass pseudo-solo and the fact that i think it’s a bit more electro/rock than dance

What I’m not so sure:
The head voice is not completely strong at some places and also the pronunciation is confusing, i think i could change some words cause it sounds like : “She’s gotta touch that …” which makes no sense and the “thunderstorm in sight” sounds like “turn a storm inside”… anyways basically this could be better pronounced

Lyrics & Chords

A Touch That Electrifies
Verse & Chorus chords: F#m D C#, Bridge: F#m D E

It's still a mystery
The energy she wields
On anyone she meets

I hear, a door openin'
Again, it will begin
I quiver as she walks in

With her all night, 
Thunderstorm in sight
She's got a touch that electrifies
Helpless i lie, 
Wholly magnetized
She's got a touch that electrifies
(That electri-electrifies)
(That electri-electrifies)

The calm, after the storm
Well I have yet to see  
It gets stronger as we speak

I don't mind going deaf and blind
Just as long as still i
Can feel her skin brushing on mine
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  1. sam Said,

    I really like the song, the beat is good and the lyrics too even if you find you don’t pronounce them well. I find too that the head voice is not strong enough in the chorus. It seems like you’re whispering. And the sound that goes until the end of the song is good, but it’s too present sometimes. The best part is the last time the chorus plays, the sound is there but not as loud, and I think it sounds better.

  2. JP Said,

    Good !
    I like very much the recording of your head voice. We can hear some reverb, but your voice still sharp and precise. I like all the song like it is, except the last part of the chorus (She’s got a touch that electrifies) , where I don’t like your voice in the back vocals at the end of the sentence. That’s there, where some girl’s voices could help you to complete a good harmonic back vocal. May be some chorus/reverb plugin could be use,also. Did you ever use those for back vocal before?…. may be yes, and the result was poor…. Any way this is all considerations for fine tuning. Otherwise, this is a really good one.

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