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Song #25 – Such A Great Morning

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Alright, here’s this week’s song… It’s kinda country-ish, not sure i really like it, but anyways, i’ll have some new ones eventually! BTW, next week is my birthday so I will try to put a song online, but I don’t know when that will be, cause the weekend is gonna be pretty busy, and then I’m going to Spain for a month, so I will write some stuff but won’t be able to record until I’m back.. But I’ll come back with a new ideas for sure!

What I like about it:
I like the clarity of the sound overall

What I’m not so sure:
Don’t really like this one, I think it’s kinda boring… that’s often what i get when i try to make an exclusively acoustic song that’s not a ballad

Lyrics & Chords

Such A Great Morning
Verse: C/G F C/G, Chorus: C/G G F-G-C

Did i ever ask for your opinion?
What a way to start a Sunday morning
Maybe your mom 
Will care, but i don't

So your ex-wife's a VIP person
And that makes you some kind of important
See the E-X
They speak for themselves 

Such a great morning
With gorgeous skies
Such a great morning
Can't help but smile!

Such a great morning
No clouds around
Not a chance, not one
You'll bring me down

Had your glory days in '87
Now you live in a one room apartment
Smell the coffee
No one wants to hear your stories

Now, if you don't mind, i'll be on my way
To meet friends that do have something to say
Hope you'll make the most
Of this amazing day

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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Haha! Alan Jackson, what are you doing in Louis’s body? Yeah, it’s definitely country, and can I say, definitely not your style? :) Or no, maybe I should say definitely not my style, cause you play it well and maybe country’s fans can love it. And, the music is good, but the melody of the lyrics is too repetitive and too much “country”!

  2. JP Said,

    OK…not to bad
    I think the worst element in the song is the drum’s part. At the beginning, it seems like there’s some offset between the drum’s beat and the guitar’s beat. I think you shouldn’t use snare drum at the begin of the song even in those verses. I would have used snare only in the chorus, and used blocks or some things more discrete for verses. The drum’s parts is very to steady and sound as Electronic cheap drum.
    The guitar’s solo at the end is to hard and appear like is not integrated in the song.
    It could have also more instruments (Chords) to support it.
    Country….its another world…
    But if you work more on it, you will put that song among the good ones

  3. Sam Said,

    Wow, it seems like I’m the only one who loves country here! I like that song very much and the lyrics too. I don’t know who you were thinking of when you made the lyrics, but I think they are funny. The song is entertaining, but as JP said, the drum in some parts sounds weird.

  4. sylv Said,

    ahahah! super bon!! mais j’aime le folk country! j’adore! !buen viaje!

  5. Luke Said,

    Love it, really brings out your voice. Great vocals all around. Nice contrast to your November song with up-beat mood! Good lyrics.

  6. Writing a Song Said,

    What a wonderful song. It is really a great morning to wake up with this kind of song. Its very inspiring and would really make your day beautiful.

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