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Song #26 – Surviving November

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Half way there!! (26th song of 52!) So I’m back from Spain, I had a great time, but now it’s time to get back to business! Is there a worse month than November? I always get depressed during November and I tried to explain why in this song. Hope you like it… overall i’m happy with it, I think it’s entertaining.. and the good news is this dreaded month is almost over!!

Please don’t hesitate to leave your comments if you listen to the song!

See you next week!

What I like about it:
I like the chorus, i think it flows pretty well

What I’m not so sure:
The verses are ok but could be a bit more varied… The voice is not very clear at some places, the guitar could use some variations too

Lyrics & Chords

Surviving November
Verses: C E7 F G    Chorus: Am Fmaj7/A Gsus2 C E7    (
Tune a half-step down)

Of all the ways to go insane
Of all the ways to lose your mind
I found one that's pretty damn amazing
Yes, it works every single time

November wind tears out your soul
The freezing rain then makes you numb
A sudden fatigue now swallows you whole
You give up your hope to see the sun

In my eyes, can you see a sign of life?
In my eyes, can you see a sign of life? 
In my eyes, can you see a sign of life?
In my eyes, Doctor will I survive? 
Doctor, will I survive November? 

Don't dare turning on your TV
Out there everyone has gone nuts
I already couldn't cope with anxiety
And i don't even have The Shot

Still, I venture to buy my groceries
Stay focused, i need to be strong
But is it really necessary?
A whole two months of Christmas songs?


It'd be so much easier, if you'd be here, if you'd be here
It'd be so much easier
Surviving November
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  1. Jannie Said,

    Très bonne chanson! Tout le monde peut s’y reconnaitre!

    J’adore le chorus et le ”A whole two months of Christmas songs” m’a bien faite rire!

    J’ai bien hâte de te voir live!

  2. Marie-J Said,

    Nice song, it’s good to hear you singing after all these weeks of silent! Not necessarly my favorite song, but it’s a bit different than what you’re used to do and it’s interesting. I remember the feeling of this damn november and a little wave of nostalgia came across my eyes when I was listening to your song. Your lyrics are great!

  3. John Radcliff Said,

    I really think this is a solid song from beginning to end. I would bring in some drums or bass at the second part of verse one and let that carry on for the rest of the verses. Do something a little more muted (drum-wise) for the choruses. But like I said, the song stands on its own. Well done!

  4. sam Said,

    I really like that song, I also like the lyrics a lot. I like your voice too, but in some places it seems like your nose is blocked… Like when you pronounce “numb”. But still this is one of my favorite song.

  5. Louis Said,

    cool i think its a great suggestion for the bass and drums, i can totally hear that! thanks everyone for your comments!

  6. Chao Said,

    I like this song, everything is very smooth to the ears. I would have liked a bit more emotions at the last line of the chorus, especially on “November”, something like extending your voice. “Two months of Christmas songs” is just hilarious, but at the same time it may take away the seriousness of the song. Overall I like it!

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