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Halftime strategy

Alright, here I’m halfway into the project, time to think a bit about what’s going right and what’s not… First of all, I still haven’t played any live show.. I have one possible other musician with whom I am practicing once in a while, but the truth is I need to meet a lot more people in the scene… So my plan is to join a few existing bands filling for whatever instrument they need (i am trying out for bassist/back vocals next saturday in a pretty decent band) and then I will get back among the musicians crowd and hopefully meet the right people… and well you never know which band is gonna take off too..

Also, I was thinking that if I’m going for the ballads and soft songs, I really need to learn how to play piano properly.. So I’ve started some intensive learning last weekend and will keep doing so in the coming weeks..

Basically, for now, my priorities are rehearsing for auditions to join some bands with talented people, learn their songs, and learn piano… Along the way, I should post a song once in a while and I will reassess the strategy in the end of January

The second half should start soon!


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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Good strategy! Good idea to join some bands! Lucky are the bands who will have the chance to work with you… You should tell them that you’re a beast on a stage! Just to be sure they’re not too surprised to see you running and jumping everywhere! Hihihi! Good luck!

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