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Song #27 – How Are You Getting By?

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Ok enough thinking during the last month, now let’s get back to work!

During the break, i met a few musicians and this song is a collaboration with a keyboardist I had a few jams with, hopefully we can continue writing some more songs together!

Well I hope you like it! Don’t forget to leave your comments!!

What I like about it:
A lot of little hooky stuff i think, oh oh ah ah, etc…. Like the bridge and the back vocals on the last chorus

What I’m not so sure:
At the beginning of the song the verse is a bit monotone.. also, the keyboard was recorded on its own before, so sometimes the voice and keys don’t go that well together


How Are You Getting By?

You're measuring every move you make
Calculated faith
You're messing with surgical blades
No room for mistakes

People around are so impressed
Strategic coolness
Not quite how you feel inside

You're terrified
Oh I know that you're terrified
So utterly terrified
Dead scared of being cast aside

You're terrified
Oh I know that you're terrified
So utterly terrified
How are you gettin, gettin by?

The show is coming to a close
Anxiety grows
Can't walk on eggs eternally
Your secret's set free

People around that you lead on
Get it and get gone
This calls for one of your finest lies


I used to be wrapped around your finger
I used to get high on your every word
Now I'm alright, i'm fine, but once in a while

I'm terrified
I'll lose control again
I'll lose myself again
So far, I'm gettin, gettin by

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  1. Marie-J. Said,

    Oh yessss! You’re back to work and we love it! Great song with a lot of good subtleties! The intro with the drums at the beginning is brilliant and I really love the way you’re singing the verses. But tell me… is it normal that the bass just stop suddenly at the end of the first line of the bridge? It seems super empty just too suddenly… maybe a fade out would be good, or maybe stop the bass just before the first line of the bridge… Anyway, another great song from you!

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