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Song #28 – Dreams Of Yours

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Yes I’m still posting songs here! i’m just more focused on preparing a live show which will happen by beginning of july max for sure! (my ultimate deadline)

But in the meantime, i also played a lot of piano and the last two days i’ve been recording this non-stop to the point that i just look at myself and the mirror and it’s pretty scary! a shower and a shave will be really welcome! but i’m pretty happy with this new song! I hope you enjoy it, my first one on the piano!

Looking forward to hear your comments and suggestions!

What I like about it:
I put a lot more airiness in my voice and i like the result, i like the piano

What I’m not so sure:
The end is not very tight, i added the drums as the last step instead of the first one.. so the rythm is a bit off… also maybe the screaming is a bit exaggerated for the song


Dreams Of Yours

Don't wanna do you wrong
I still miss you so bad
But it's getting long
I don't know where I'm at

And how do I proceed?
Don't wanna forget you
But forget you're not here
I honestly need to

You said oh 
Follow your dreams

Your desire to explore
My obsession to write
If someone sings along
Will i feel worthwhile?

Tonight, we watched stars in the park
She laid close to me
Didn't know how to act
I don't know how to be anymore

You said oh
Follow your dreams

I'm never really sure
Whether or not, whether or not
There is a place for us
In dreams of yours, in dreams of yours

You said oh
Follow your dreams

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