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Webcam help

If you have problems posting audio/webcam comments, here are some tips:

Right-click the square that appeared when you clicked on “Add Webcam Comment”, then go in Settings, and click on the Microphone icon in the tabs, you should see a menu that looks like this:

Using the dropdown, try a few microphone choices and talk in your microphone. If it works you should see some green bar appearing. Then click on the webcam icon in the tabs, you should get this:

Same thing, try a few webcams in the dropdown. For me, i have a macbook, and it defaults to the wrong one i had to choose USB video class.

Add A Comment

If you are commenting on a song, please tell me what you like the most and the less about it and if you have any other ideas we could explore with the song. EVERY IDEA IS GOOD!! Don't be shy!
Don't forget you can leave audio/webcam comments, it can make it easier to express your idea (click here if you have problems with the audio/webcam comments) Alternatively you can record something outside of this website and link to it by writing [audio:http://link.to/file.mp3] or send it to me and i will upload it

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