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Songwriting tips

Just some general tips for those who want to contribute to the songs (i dont consider myself an expert, but i gathered those from other people with very good experience… feel free to comment and add your own)

  • Repeat! We want the person who listens to the song to be stuck with it the whole day so repeat the same parts of the melody a bunch of times! And also repeat parts of the lyrics so it’s easy to remember
  • Contrast! Make sure the chorus sounds different enough from the verse. One technique that is often used is to sing some higher notes in the chorus, but some other tricks might do it too… If someone listens to your song and can’t tell which part is the chorus, it’s generally not a good sign!
  • Keep it conversational! Crazy poetry impossible to understand maybe can work for emo kids (haha who doesnt like to pick on emo kids! jk i am pretty emo at times too!) but other than this, the big big majority of hit songs have the simplest lines especially in the chorus (“ooh it’s what you do to me” “it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late!”)
  • Simple melody and chords! Don’t try to start doing crazy scales that only those with music PhDs can appreciate, try to aim for the normal guy
  • Use some lyrical hooks… Ex: Some ohs and ahs (pennywise-bro hymn still gets played every night at our local bar and the chorus is just ooohs that’s it!), numbers (1-2-3 take my hand and come with me), percussive lyrics (So get back, back, back) etc. This part is causing me a headache because a lot of the time i find it really cheesy and like trying too hard for a hit, but it has worked in the past so there’s a way to use this to our advantage!
  • Rip off other people’s hard work! 😛 Analyze your favorite hits and see what makes them good and use them as an inspiration!
  • Have fun! Personally I keep those tips in mind, but in the end, the most important thing for me is that I liked writing the song, i like the result and I want to share it with others.. if it was just applying the rules with no freedom i might as well work in a factory

I’m keeping it short cause my goal is not to write a guide about songwriting but to actually write songs, there’s a lot of better resources on the net if you want to find out more, but those are some really quick tips for the ones who want to get started and contribute

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If you are commenting on a song, please tell me what you like the most and the less about it and if you have any other ideas we could explore with the song. EVERY IDEA IS GOOD!! Don't be shy!
Don't forget you can leave audio/webcam comments, it can make it easier to express your idea (click here if you have problems with the audio/webcam comments) Alternatively you can record something outside of this website and link to it by writing [audio:http://link.to/file.mp3] or send it to me and i will upload it

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