52 songs to glory!

Help me write the next #1 hit(s)!


What’s the deal?

My challenge

I want to write 1 song every week for a whole year, it’s gonna be a lot of work but I’ll do it! Obviously i won’t have time to record them with a whole band and in the best quality, the idea is just to have a good melody and some good lyrics, and after if a song doesnt suck too much, then we can record a full-blown version later… Also, it’s quite possible that some songs will be terrible, because of such a short period of time, but hopefully, some will be good too!! So see this site as a kind of “behind the scenes” or “making of” of an album, this is NOT a regular musician’s site to showcase my music!

Mon défi (I’m translating this part in French cause I want it to be very clear for everybody)

Je veux écrire une chanson par semaine pour un an, c’est un défi qui va demander beaucoup de travail, mais je vais le relever! Maintenant, étant donné que c’est vraiment court pour écrire une chanson, certaines vont probablement être terribles! et ça ne sera pas enregistré en super qualité avec un band, mais seulement le but est de trouver une mélodie solide avec des bonnes paroles et donner une maquette de base d’une chanson, sur laquelles les gens peuvent donner leurs commentaires… Donc l’idée est d’avoir un site qui est un espèce de “making of” d’un album, ou vous pouvez voir ce que ca donne en arrière pour obtenir une dizaine de bonnes (on l’espère) chansons! Ce site n’est PAS un site normal de musicien pour écouter un produit fini!

Your challenge a chance to win a million dollar!! 😉

Write comments on the songs with an idea how to improve it (ex: a catchier melody, or just general ideas, you can even send audio or webcam comments so don’t hesitate to sing if you want!) and if one day the song generates money (something serious im not talking about selling a few records at a show but if it gets on an album thats not independent), we split it equally between me and everyone who left comments with ideas. Hopefully, this will not be the main reason why you would comment but you never know what can happen!

You want a real challenge ?

If commenting on my songs is not enough for you and you want to write songs from scratch and put them here on a regular basis (ideally once a week, but we can see), contact me and i’ll give you access to a part of the site so you can show us what you got!

  1. nic Said,

    Hey ! your songs are great. I work with your mom at the SAQ in st-bruno and she told me about your site. your site is a well though out plan….to glory ! I think you deliver a great performance for a guy with almost no instruments.

    Here’s my comment: In the beginning of each song i feel like it’s missing energy or ambiance. It feel’s dry, but after de second versus you kick it up a nutch and then i feel like you loosen up, or are more comfortable ? at the half of your song your voice is great and the song is catchier.

    Lache pas le beau travail !!! I’ll be out there, lisening


  2. Louis Said,

    hey! glad to have a new listener! i think its great that people are willing to share their ideas to improve my music, glory is still a lot of work ahead but i’m happy on how this blog is shaping up! thx for the great comment! looking forward to reading more soon!

  3. Mélissa Said,

    Wow, j’en reviens juste pas!!!!! J’ai juste un gros félicitation a te dire et je suis ta fan number 1!!!! Lache pas Louis, pour avoir suivit ton parcours depuis le début je peux te dire que tu fais du progrès et que c’est vraiment incroyable!!!! A bientot

  4. Louis Said,

    merci melissa c’est toujours plaisant a entendre, j’espère que ce fameux parcours mène en quelque part!!! et merci d’avoir été là tout au long, c’est vrai que ca commence à faire un bout!! a+xx

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If you are commenting on a song, please tell me what you like the most and the less about it and if you have any other ideas we could explore with the song. EVERY IDEA IS GOOD!! Don't be shy!
Don't forget you can leave audio/webcam comments, it can make it easier to express your idea (click here if you have problems with the audio/webcam comments) Alternatively you can record something outside of this website and link to it by writing [audio:http://link.to/file.mp3] or send it to me and i will upload it

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