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Who am I?

Who am I? What am I for? Am I really unique?

To give you a quick background on me, my name is Louis and I live in Montreal (Canaduh). I started playing in a band around the end of the 90’s and i was the main songwriter, it was mostly really trashy punk music, which i still like to listen to from time to time, but my goal is to start writing songs that a larger number of people can enjoy…

The only problem is that i hate most of what’s on the radio, i hate gangsta rap with a passion, i really don’t like pop-punk bands (although i still can appreciate their talent in what they do, but i could never enjoy playing this kind of music), Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and etc is not my thing either… However some bands like The Killers and back in the days The Offspring have always captivated me because they seemed to be able to make music that was simple enough to appeal to the casual music listener but innovative enough to also get the more hardcore music geeks. This is what i would like to achieve (just that, i’m not asking for that much am i?)

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If you are commenting on a song, please tell me what you like the most and the less about it and if you have any other ideas we could explore with the song. EVERY IDEA IS GOOD!! Don't be shy!
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